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6 Types of Essays Every Student Needs to Know

6 Types of Essays Every Student Needs to Know

Throughout the academic year, students have to go through many formal and informal essays, each with its own structure and format. Different essays need different skills, word count, structure, and others, which can be highly beneficial for their scores and GPAs. In this article, we have mentioned the critical type of essays that every student must know.

Types off writing

Irrespective of the type of essay, all essays follow one or more of the four writing styles:

  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Expository

Personal Essay

These essays are the ones that focus on how a particular thing or incident has impacted you personally. It can talk about an event from the past, a current situation, or different experiences in general which have made you the person you are today.

Such essays often follow a narrative format. However, they can follow expository or descriptive techniques depending on the content. Sometimes, they also overlap with other forms of essays, like argumentative and college application essays.

Political essay

Students generally come across political essays in their history classes. Contemporary and historical thinkers write these essays in society. In such essays, an author generally comments on the situation or circumstances by pulling examples of similar situations from the past. Generally, they also fall into the persuasive or expository form of writing.

Political essay

Compare and contrast essays

These are the type of essays that are written by students most frequently. In such cases, the author points out the key similarities and differences between two different subjects or topics. For instance, a student may be asked to compare two events, processes, or others and derive similarities and differences between them. But compare and contrast essays are generally written on two or more subjects.

College application essay

This essay is also known as a personal statement that highlights all the personality traits and experiences of a student, which helps in determining their fit in a particular college or university. It is generally written for admission to a college.

Analytical essay

Analytical essays talk about the core components of a problem or a subject under discussion. For example, analytical reports can be written on themes of a novel, the ideas in a political essay, and so on. In these types of essays, the author does not follow a persuasive approach to please the reader but analyzes the facts and provides an entirely personal opinion based on factual data.

Argumentative essays

In such essays, the author argues for or against a particular topic, which does not rely on emotional appeal but focuses on factual data, statistics, and logic. They are also considered persuasive writing pieces because they must persuade the reader to understand the author’s point of view.

Start your essay writing service following these steps

Start your essay writing service following these steps

Are you planning to start your own business venture? If you take a list of business ideas that are in great demand right now, you will surely come across the idea of essay writing services. Many students (at undergraduate, postgraduate and masters levels) prefer to take the help of professional essay writers to complete their assignments. They want their essays to be top-notch in terms of quality of content, grammatical correctness and timely delivery. If you plan to start your own business in this field, and want to become the best essay-writing service in your country, this article will help you to some extent.

Here, we give you a brief idea of some important tips you can follow to make your business a successful one. They will help you attract more students, write more essays, gain a reputation in the field and build a special place for your brand in this industry.

Step 1 – Focus on your website and brand

When students look for essay writing help online, they usually analyze the website of these services to know their credibility. So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that your website is the index of your business. Here are some important things you must do, if you want to attract your target audiences to your website:

  • Hire a professional website designer to get your site ready for business.
  • Use an SEO expert, if needed, to improve the ranking of your website when students look for the best essay-writing sites.
  • Ensure that your essay writing website contains rich and relevant content that is informative and easy to use for students.
  • Have a separate page to showcase your samples; remember to post samples on different types of topics to showcase your wide scope of work to the students who come looking for help with their essays.
  • Choose a unique name for your website and business, and make sure it doesn’t sound similar to any of the existing names in the industry today.
  • Have an attractive logo for your website to woo your target audiences (students, in this case).
  • Ensure that your website is designed in such a way that students can navigate through it easily without any hassles.
  • Your home page should contain all details of your cost per page; most of the best dissertation writing service have a simple online calculator on their home page, where students can easily calculate the cost depending on the type of essay they want and their deadlines.

Step 2 – Build your team of writers

The quality of your writers makes or mars the reputation of your essay writing website. So, you need to spend considerable time and effort choosing your writers. It is okay to start with a small team of professional writers. You can slowly build on your business, as you gain some footing in the industry. Here are some points to keep in mind when hiring writers for your business:

  • Ensure that you choose writers who have enough experience in writing academic papers like essays, term work, coursework, research paper, assignments, dissertations and more.
  • Always hire writers after checking their samples. They should be well aware of the different citation styles and formats that universities/colleges usually ask from their students.
  • You should always look to hire more ENL (English as a Native Language) writers, as the demand for them is more than for ESL (English as Second Language) writers.
  • Ensure that you pay your writers well, as they are very important for the reputation and revenue of your essay-writing business. You should be aware of the market rates for different skill sets and expertise levels of writers, if you want your team to stay loyal to you.
  • One of the most common mistakes that essay writing websites commit is to hire writers only, and not focus on other skill sets like proofreaders and editors as well. Always hire a full-fledged team to provide complete satisfaction to your clients. While your expert writers create engaging content for the essays, your proofreading and editing team should be responsible to check and recheck the essays as many times as possible. This will help you deliver 100% unique and grammatically correct essays to your clients every single time. The more consistent your results are, the more clients you will get!

Step 3 – Know the market rates

As an upcoming paper writing service provider, it is quite natural for you to think about the monetary gains you can incur in this business. The best way to do this is to have a good understanding of the prevailing essay writing rates, so that you don’t charge your clients too high or too low for your services. When you charge very high rates for your essay writing services, your clients may choose your counterparts for their requirements. On the other hand, when you charge very low rates, your clients may be suspicious about the quality of your essays and assignments. Here is a brief idea of the prevailing market rates of academic essays for colleges/universities:

  • You can charge around $10 to $15 per page of an essay, provided the clients give you a deadline of at least 14 days.
  • These charges can keep increasing, if the clients expect you to turn in the essays much quicker, say in about a week or so.
  • When students search for purchasing essay online, they want websites that are upfront with them about the rates and terms. So, it is a great idea to furnish them with a simple calculator on your home page about your charges per page for a specified turnaround time.
  • Some essay writing sites specialize in delivering essays within a very short timeline, within 3 hours, for example. If you have writers who can do this for you, you can charge around $30 to $40 per page for the same. However, you shouldn’t let the quick deadlines hamper the quality of the content you deliver. You should always be mindful of the fact that the quality of your content is solely responsible for getting you more business in the future.

Step 4 – Offer interesting freebies

Who doesn’t love an attractive freebie when shopping? Don’t you get excited when you get some free goodies while shopping at the supermarket? So, isn’t it only natural that you provide the same happiness to your clients as well? Students look for professional paper writing help due to various reasons. They may not have the time, skill, or research to deliver the quality expected in their colleges.

So, when you offer them some exciting freebies with their orders, they may be compelled to hire you for their future academic requirements as well.  You would be surprised to know that the following ideas are no more just “freebies” to boost your business. They are “must-haves” to stay in the race and get an edge over your competitors.

  • Multiple free revisions to give 100% satisfaction to your clients
  • Attractive discounts on new orders from first-time clients
  • Lifetime discount as a token of loyalty to clients who keep coming back to you consistently for their essays
  • Free plagiarism reports, for easy or entry-level essays; you can charge a fee for complicated content or essays at postgraduate or masters levels
  • Free formatting and content for title page and references


Step 5 – Promote your business extensively

How do you ensure your website features on the first page of Google search results when students look for keywords like “cheap essay writing service “, “best essay writing sites” and so on? It is only through extensive promotion and marketing strategies! So, the final step in ensuring you get more business from potential clients is by making your website get the reach and visibility it deserves. You can try the following methods to get this done:

  • Promote your website on all your social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more).
  • Request your existing clients to leave a review on your sites, or your social media accounts. This is because nothing works better than word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Hire a social media professional, if needed, to make use of this platform for the benefit of your business.
  • While you should focus on promoting your business, remember not to force your brand on your potential clients. There is only a thin line of demarcation between aggressive promotion and forcing your viewers to hire you. Please remember to accept only those orders that you can deliver within the promised timelines. In other words, you should never bite more than what you can chew, for the benefit of your business.

Bottom Line

If you plan to start a business of essay writing services, the timing is perfect now! All you need to do is to follow the above steps, and get the basics right. Once you have a great best essay writing services and team in place, you are all set to go! However, it is worth knowing that orders wouldn’t come flowing overnight. A little bit of patience, and a great deal of due diligence will help improve your reputation in the essay-writing industry to a great extent.

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